Mixed martial arts & cage wrestling

What is MMA?

Described as the fastest growing sport in the world, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) erupted into popularity with the UFC and the age old question of which martial art is the best! Though BJJ prevailed on day one, over time it became obvious that to win fights you needed to be well rounded.

Each discipline that adds to the totality of MMA (Grappling, Wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, etc) has its own strengths and weaknesses and therefore MMA has become its own discipline with techniques and strategies for the ruleset. Competitive matches can be won by judges’ decisions, submissions or through strikes.

MMA is a dynamic and thoroughly rewarding sport that is sure to instill confidence and improve anyone’s fitness who feels like trying it. Classes are a mixture of technique and drills derived by the Champion level coaches to improve the participants level quickly. We focus on defence, offence and positioning and train everyone from the day one beginner to top level UFC fighters! Few things will prepare you to defend yourself like understanding how to fight!

Meet the coaches

Liam Cann

Clocking over 23,000 hours on the mats Liam is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu having competed at the highest level including on Polaris…

Mateusz Duczmal

With over 120 fights (80 amateur and 42 pro) to his record Mateusz Duczmal climbed to the highest level in Muay Thai including becoming the…

MARC Diakiese

Athlete spotlight

Marc started his pro career in 2013, and after 5 wins he fought for, and won, the Bamma lightweight title in 2015. It was only one year later he was signed to the UFC, his record now at 8-0. 

Since then Marc has fought the best in the world in the deepest division of the best MMA organisation on the planet, the UFC.

Marc started working with IMA’s coaching team since the club opened and has continued to make improvements to his game!

Adam Butterworth

Athlete spotlight

Adam started working with Liam a short while before the pandemic with an ammy record of 6-6. After the pandemic and returning to competition Adam won the BMF Tournament beating two opponents in one night by finish and decision. He then won the Almighty Fighting Championship belt and defended it against two undefeated mega prospects handing them both their first defeat.

Adam has moved into the pro ranks and is currently 1-0.

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