A Blend of Boxing, kickboxing & Muay Thai

It would appear that every nation has a history of striking from Western Boxing to Thailand’s Muay Thai to Japan’s Karate. Our striking classes are a blend of Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai that is also suitable for MMA taught by our resident Five time World Champion Mateusz who has walked the walk and is now a professional MMA fighter.

Striking is usually one of the more intimidating sports to get into due to the impact involved with the sparring so we offer fundamentals classes to introduce beginners in a friendly way and emphasise a very healthy and optional sparring culture.

The classes focus on developing technique, attack, defence and key skills such as speed, power, agility, and timing in striking. Kickboxing provides a fantastic cardio workout and helps improve overall fitness, flexibility, and coordination. It is popular both as a form of self defence and as a form of fitness training.

We have hanging bags and plenty of pad work available at the gym also for you to train your striking outside of the scheduled kickboxing timetable! We have a fantastic striking culture with people from many different backgrounds who are all encouraged to help bring you along if it is something that you would like to trial!

Meet the coaches

Mateusz Duczmal

With over 120 fights (80 amateur and 42 pro) to his record Mateusz Duczmal climbed to the highest level in Muay Thai including becoming the…

Liam Cann

Clocking over 23,000 hours on the mats Liam is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu having competed at the highest level including on Polaris…

Mateusz Duczmal

Athlete spotlight

Mateusz is the head striking coach at IMA with over 12 years experience in kickboxing and muay thai. Mateusz has competed over 80 times as an amateur. 

After just short of a year in Thailand, Mateusz moved to the UK and joined the renowned gym, Bad Company resulting in a career winning multiple world titles across his 42 fights including:

  • WKA K-1 World title – 95KG
  • Bangla Stadium World title – 90KG
  • Roar Combat League Heavyweight Title 
  • WBC Heavyweight Title 
  • A1 World Title – 95KG

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