About Us

IMA Leeds is the first facility of this kind, a hub for martial arts athletes and hobbyists. Quality underpins every aspect of IMA.

Why Train with IMA?


Ever wanted to try martial arts? It could have been watching the UFC, it could have been an old Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan film? Whatever it was that piqued your interest, we have dedicated, champion-level instructors who will guide you through the process.

Check out each discipline using the links and see when each class is running on our timetable.

Ninja School North

Ninja School is a complete training programme for kids from 5 – 15. Operating from IMA, kids will learn grappling, wrestling and striking, but wait, there’s more! The Ninja Students are graded on their mental and physical improvement also. This means that they are incentivised to progress in all the areas that life requires them to! We teach BJJ, wrestling and kickboxing and play games to encourage dexterity and a team building spirit!

Our Coaches

Liam Cann

Clocking over 23,000 hours on the mats Liam is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu having competed at the highest level including on Polaris Professional. He has extensive experience coaching MMA and grappling at the highest level including the UFC. Liam has made his life about martial arts, founding several different gyms before IMA and running MMA (Almighty Fighting Championship) and grappling (Pantheon) events.

Liam has also fought at amateur with a 5-0 record (all subs), judged over 8000 MMA fights, worked for the UFC and Bellator amongst many other organisations!

Mateusz Duczmal

With over 120 fights (80 amateur and 42 pro) to his record Mateusz Duczmal climbed to the highest level in Muay Thai including becoming the WBC Muay Thai World Champion. Mateusz became champion of a staggering five organisations fighting from Bad Company gym. 

Mateusz has now transitioned to the next stage of his career moving to Pro MMA and teaching at IMA Leeds as well as overseeing the striking development for the MMA squad at the gym. With his skills in high demand Mateusz is developing a style of kickboxing that can seamlessly transfer into MMA.

Joshua Taylor

Joshua Taylor is a black belt in BJJ with well over a decade of experience. He has run his own club Origin BJJ before moving to Bahrain for a year to coach. Josh has competed all the way through his martial arts journey testing himself in both Gi and No Gi even having MMA fights at the beginning. 

With a technical teaching style Josh moved back to the UK to be one of the founding IMA coaches with aims to bring the team to a high level in Gi and No Gi!

Stephen Mcbriarty

Steve is a brown belt in BJJ and our resident leg lock expert and early bird coach. Steve also teaches Gi and No Gi.

Steve is also a very high level photographer (Rollingshutter_ on Instagram) capturing images of extremely high level martial arts from Polaris to Bellator.



We offer joint memberships that offer a significant discount to both services if you want to incorporate S&C into your deal! Ultraflex represents the highest quality available for strength and conditioning. The gym has every piece of equipment you could ever dream of multiple times over in great condition with sled tracks to power racks. The facility is huge incorporating a coffee shop, tanning beds and multiple businesses. 

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